We have enough stuff. Really. So, instead of asking for things, we're asking you to help out with our honeymoon to Japan. Here's some things we plan on doing and how much it'll cost (we'll be adding more as we think of it), and you can donate as much or as little as you want to it - but please, don't feel like you are obligated. Your well wishes are all the presents we really need.


Getting there is half the challenge. Plane tix will cost about 1K a piece.

Total price: $2200.00

Still need: $2150.00

Japan Rail Pass

Once we're there we need a way to get around. A two week Japan Rail Pass currently runs about 620 a person.

Total price: $1240.00

Still need: $1240.00

Night at Akihabara Capsule Hotel

We're going to try this uniquely Japanese type of hotel. Women and men have seperate dorms, so its not the most romantic thing in the world, but it'll be an experience!

Total price: $100.00

Still need: $100.00

Blowfish dinner

The ultimate culinary thrill ride, Fugu! (this is provided that we are in Japan during the fugu season)

Total price: $200.00

Still need: $200.00

Kobe beef dinner in Kobe

For the true Kobe beef experience, we'd like a Kobe beef dinner in Kobe! We like that our dinner has a great life, including massages, before we nosh on it.

Total price: $200.00

Still need: $200.00

Vending machine madness

Japan has more vending machines per capita than any other country. We're gonna need some pocket change to try all the million flavors of Coke alone.

Total price: $150.00

Still need: $150.00

Gashapon and other souvenirs

Gashapon are also known as capsule vending machines, and they grow like a forest in Akihabara. Great cheap way to pick up some souvenirs of the trip!

Total price: $100.00

Still need: $70.00

Park Hyatt Tokyo - 2 nights

When we first get to the country, we're going to need a really nice place to crash out and get over our jet lag. What better place than the hotel in Lost in Translation?

Total price: $1100.00

Still need: $1100.00

Ryokan stay

At least one night we'd like to stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan (Inn). This includes two meals, dinner and breakfast.

Total price: $300.00

Still need: $300.00

Sushi, Katsudon, Udon, Soba, etc

We're going to have some big theme dinners, but the fact is most of our meals will be at small, inexpensive shops. This pretty much covers the gamut.

Total price: $300.00

Still need: $300.00

Other transportation

Even with the rail pass we're still going to have to use private subway lines and cab it sometimes.

Total price: $200.00

Still need: $200.00

Other hotels

The rest of the nights we'll be staying in slightly less pricey accomodation.

Total price: $2000.00

Still need: $2000.00

One night in the Great Escape room at the Stewart Inn

Not actually for the honeymoon, but for the wedding night. A world-class bed and breakfast in Wausau. Price is with taxes.

Total price: $242.95

Fully paid for! Thanks!


A delicious, do it yourself yakiniku (grilled meat) dinner.

Total price: $90.00

Still need: $90.00


Its skewer time!

Total price: $50.00

Still need: $50.00

Kaiseki Ryo-ri

A very traditional japanese dinner in Kyoto.

Total price: $300.00

Still need: $300.00

Shabu Shabu

Another do-it-yourself Japanese meal; boiled meat and veggies.

Total price: $100.00

Still need: $100.00


Mmm, gyoza.

Total price: $30.00

Fully paid for! Thanks!


Get a room, get drinks, sing karaoke!

Total price: $75.00

Still need: $63.83

Hakone hotel

Hakone is known for its hot springs - and expensive hotels.

Total price: $350.00

Still need: $350.00